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January - Sombrero half marathon 5k 10k - www.SombreroHalf.com

Feb -Seaside Marathon, half,  5k 10k - www.SeasideMarathon.com

March - Cottontail Half marathon 5k 10k  - www.Cottontailhalf.com 

May -Ojai Half marathon  5k 10k -  www.OjaiHalfMarathon.com

May - Lake Balboa half marathon  5k 10k - www.LakeBalboaHalf.com

June - Arroyo Creek half marathon 5k 10k - www.ArroyoCreekHalf.com
July - Shoreline Marathon, half, 5k 10k - www.ShorelineMarathon.com

August - Camarillo Marathon, half, 5k 10k - www.CamarilloMarathon.com

September -Harvest Half marathon 5k 10k -  www.HarvestHalf.com

October - Jeepers Creepers RUN - www.JeepersCreepersRUN.com

November - Surfers Point Marathon, half 5k 10k -  www.SurfersPointMarathon.com

November – Thanksgiving Day 5k  - www.ThanksgivingDay5k.com

December - Holly Jolly Half marathon 5k 10k  - www.HollyJollyHalf.com